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JavaScript Jungle 2 on Lanyrd

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@ The Skiff 6 Gloucester Street, Brighton, BN1 4EW Map of The Skiff
Rhino by Thomas Hawk, on Flickr

As part of the Brighton Digital Festival, the two Async meetups in September will transform into a collaborative art project: to create a collectively coded canvas of animated creations, the JavaScript Jungle.

We'll first learn a little about visual technologies, such as creating vector graphics in the browser with Raphael.js and SVG, and drawing on HTML5 Canvas with libraries like Processing.js, EaselJS and Paper.js. Then the hacking begins...

Working either in groups or on our own, for the sessions on September 8th and 22nd, we'll create little creatures, objects and other virtual beings that co-habit the same shared environment on a single web page.

We'll use something like GitHub Gists or JSBin to share code snippets, and have a Node.js server pull everyone's creations into a single canvas. The creations will be able to interact with one another by publishing and subscribing to simple JavaScript-based events... myFrog.listen("rainfall").ribbit();

All shall become clear!

If you are a coder, an artist, or otherwise curious, then do sign up and come along - to both sessions if you can. We'll post the results online here for all the world to see.


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Async meets monthly in Brighton & Hove, UK, to learn, discuss and play with JavaScript and related web technologies.

We host talks, hack nights, show n' tells and community events, all of which are free.

Doors open 7.15pm, main session begins 7.45pm, we end around 9.30pm and continue nearby for an evening social.