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Drawing In The Browser, with Canvas

@ The Skiff 6 Gloucester Street, Brighton, BN1 4EW Map of The Skiff
My Hidden Talent (by Harpersbizarre)

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Canvas everything

In this session, Jon Linklater-Johnson will be teaching us all how to draw, using the Canvas element, which is part of the HTML5 suite of new web technologies.

Jon will cover almost everything you need to know about the Canvas API, with a look at Processing.js and maybe one or two of the other drawing frameworks. We'll look at why SVG might sometimes be a better for your project and how Raphaƫl.js can help. Finishing up with some demos of the crazy cool stuff that people have built and how they did it.

Difficulty level

Jon says:
The session should be fairly easy for anyone that already knows a bit of Javascript. I think it will end up being about 50/50 practical/theoretical. My plan is to 'live code' my presentation as I go so hopefully if people want to they can follow along, at least for the first half, as I want to explore some more complex and crazy stuff towards the end and do some demos of other stuff people have built which will be more theoretical.

About Jon

After living in Cornwall for a few years where he worked on websites for the BBC, Teenage Cancer Trust and the Eden Project, Jon Linklater-Johnson recently moved to Brighton to undertake an internship at Clearleft. He loved Brighton so much that he decided to stay. He now freelances when not learning Javascript mastery with Remy Sharp at Left Logic.

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