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Node Proxy "All your net are belong to us" on Lanyrd

Presented by Yann Eves.  

@ 68 Middle St Brighton, BN1 Map of 68 Middle St
All your base are belong to us

Adapting change in technical architecture is the single most demanding but necessary consideration in modern applications. Modularity on the front-end is a familiar topic, but achieving this separation of concerns across a full stack poses a much greater challenge.

In this talk, Yann will be drawing from the concept of proxies, integrated in Node, to demonstrate an effective approach to strong abstraction across an end-to-end flow. In doing so, we're able to respond to change in an application architecture, maintaining modern conventions and increasing resilience against disasters.

New radical directions in our industry and our responsibility to develop accordingly was topical at the recent Full Frontal conference. Conversation to introduce these ideas at Async followed this tweet; it's definitely worth checking out the talk Yann referred to.

Yann Eves is Lead Developer at Affio satisfying his passion for JavaScript programming by developing complex algorithms to disrupt the relatively technology-inert Legal Services industry.


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