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  • Guardian

    We are extremely chuffed and humbled to have been given a sponsorship by The Guardian, one of the most widely news sites on the Web. The newspaper is unique in being not-for-profit, at the forefront of global data journalism and by supporting developer partnerships via its innovative Open Platform service for embedded applications.

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August 2010

  • Change of Meetings

    Async sessions are now on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month... (and not every 2 weeks, as they were previously)

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May 2010

Sorry, all in person events are cancelled until further notice.

We're taking precautions due to the increasing risk of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and unfortunately will not be running any in person events until further notice.

We will, however, be organising and running online events in the meantime.

We apologise, and look forward to seeing you when our regularly scheduled meetups resume.

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