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Hypermedia APIs & JavaScript Applications

Presented by Tom Parslow.   Sponsored by Brandwatch.

@ The Skiff 6 Gloucester Street, Brighton, BN1 4EW Map of The Skiff
Colors And Numbers by cszar, on Flickr

In this session, we take a look through the process of building a rich full-stack Javascript application, API-first.

Local polyglot developer, Tom Parslow (@almostobsolete), will demonstrate how building a RESTful API as a base can have some surprising, positive effects on the design of a system. As a case study, he’ll show us around an application he built with Dharmafly that serves a self-describing API with a full-stack JavaScript app, built using Node.js, Backbone, CoffeeScript and CouchDB.

Update: Slides online

You can see Tom's slides online at

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