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Learning serverless in 60 min

Presented by Ben Smith, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS.   Sponsored by AWS.

@ The Skiff Ironworks, 30 Cheapside, Brighton, BN1 4GD Map of The Skiff

With serverless backends, front-end developers can build confidently in the cloud from prototype to production without managing infrastructure.

In this session you will learn about tooling, frameworks, and architectural patterns focused on building a web application from front to back. Along the way we will discuss best practices to help you get a started on developing without needing to manage servers. I will demo the solutions, and show how you can integrate these common web app features with minimal code.

If you are a front-end developer wondering how serverless can help you, this session is for you!

Lightning talk

Jake Howard will be doing a brief talk on "Wireguard - The Modern VPN Technology"

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