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Meet the pseudo elements

Presented by Mat Griffiths.  

@ Lab for the Recently Possible 45 Gloucester Street, Brighton, BN1 4EW Map of Lab for the Recently Possible
meet the pseudo elements

If you've been keeping tabs on various blogs recently, you'll probably have noticed there's a lot of talk surrounding a new breed of UI designers. We've seen responsive design kill Photoshop and as a result designers have become code literate and turned to browsers as their primary design tool.

The problem this presents is that code isn't always the most flexible design environment, and our markup can quickly become messy while we're cycling through ideas. Pseudo elements are a tiny corner of CSS that give us big wins by opening up interesting design possibilities and improving the semantics of our markup.

In this talk, Mat Griffiths will be exploring what pseudo elements are, what they aren't, their theoretical implications and as many practical use cases as possible to give attendees knowledge they can use straight away.

Mat Griffiths is a UI designer from Brighton and the creator and leader of Methodik

Update: The demos

  1. Basic Use of Pseudo Elements
  2. Blockquote Styling
  3. Combing Pseudo Elements with Images
  4. Showing and Hiding Pseudo elements with CSS only
  5. Creative Navicon UI enhancement with animation
  6. Prototype Tooltips without Javascript

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