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Hybrid Web Applications with PJAX and HATEOAS

Presented by James Da Costa.  

@ 68 Middle St Brighton, BN1 Map of 68 Middle St
'Alexanderplatz' by Alexander Rentsch

Client-side JavaScript frameworks such as Ember and Angular are very popular at the moment. They’re great for developing fluid user interfaces in which views are dynamically regenerated on the client and user interface components are kept in sync by being bound to some data.

These frameworks excel at creating single page apps that offer all the benefits of a desktop-like experience to the user. With single page apps becoming increasingly common, legacy applications (in which users are never far away from a full page refresh) can in comparison feel sluggish and outdated.

In this talk, James Da Costa will explore an approach to building web applications that embrace the best aspects of the traditional approach while also presenting a modern desktop-like user experience.

Along the way we’ll dive into:

  • the approach others have taken to address this
  • some implications for your development team
  • the exciting future of web applications

Can traditional document-based applications compete with the user experience frameworks such as Ember & Angular are known for?

James is a web developer working at Bright Interactive in Brighton.

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