A Web Tech Meetup for Brighton & Hove

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The nitty-gitty

Presented by Daniel van Berzon.   Sponsored by Creative Technologies.

@ The Skiff Ironworks, 30 Cheapside, Brighton, BN1 4GD Map of The Skiff
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Main Talk

Git is not complicated, but it is complex (and confusing). In this talk, Daniel explains the basic building blocks of git: commits, blobs, trees and refs. He then builds on this foundation, past branches and merges to remotes and rebases in an attempt to demystify the tool we all rely on.

Some exposure to git would be beneficial to enjoy this talk

Lightning Talk

Remi Shergold will give us a lightning talk on CSS Modules


This meetup will be sponsored by Creative Technologies, so beers and pizzas for all! If you have any dietary requirements, please get in touch at hello AT asyncjs DOT com.

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Async meets monthly in Brighton & Hove, UK, to learn, discuss and play with JavaScript and related web technologies.

We host talks, hack nights, show n' tells and community events, all of which are free.

Doors open 7.15pm, main session begins 7.45pm, we end around 9.30pm and continue nearby for an evening social.