A JavaScript meetup for Brighton & Hove

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Modular JavaScript on Lanyrd

Presented by Chris, Dan, Mark & Simon.

@ The Skiff 6 Gloucester Street, Brighton, BN1 4EW Map of The Skiff
A New Day - METTE Maersk, on Flickr

This weeks session will be a look into the world of JavaScript modules. There are hundreds of solutions out there for structuring your JavaScript files and getting them into the page.

The event is aimed at being a general round table discussion on the topic so bring your own preferred solution as well as any questions or issues you’d like to discuss. We’ll have a few speakers doing very short presentations on some of the more popular solutions.

If you’re interested in doing a presentation too please drop us an email to hello [at] asyncjs [dot] com.

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Async meets once a month in Brighton & Hove, UK, to learn, discuss and play with JavaScript and related technologies.

We host talks, hack nights, show n’ tells and community events, all of which are free. Please sign up to each event you want to attend.

Doors open 7.15pm, main session begins 7.45pm, we end around 9.30pm and continue nearby for an evening social.