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Extending the offline web experience

Presented by Glenn Jones.   Sponsored by Pusher.

@ 68 Middle St Brighton, BN1 Map of 68 Middle St
Offline disconnected wifi network

Service Workers are an exciting technology for the web, increasing the speed of pages loads and enabling sites to be accessed offline. Building web content as pages on a remote server or in browsers using code and caches holds great potential. Well that’s the promise; the reality is that these two environments are not equal.

In this talk Glenn will present a number of experiments on the crossovers of remote and client built user experiences. The aim, to find the edges of what features can be commonly provided across these two environments.

We will look at offline text search, geo search, dynamic facets and querying local data stored in the browser. He will also explore how the Service Workers API, which was designed to cache pages and web resources, can be used with offline data.

About Glenn:

Glenn Jones is a designer and coder who has spoken about JavaScript at conferences such as Fullfrontal. He also maintains a number open source projects including plug-ins for HAPI.js


This meeting is sponsored by Pusher, who will provide pizzas and beers for all. Please get in touch if you have any specific dietary requirements at hello AT asyncjs DOT com

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