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Double Bill: Responsive Web Fonts, The Edge of the Web

Presented by Richard RutterPaul Lloyd.  

@ Lab for the Recently Possible 45 Gloucester Street, Brighton, BN1 4EW Map of Lab for the Recently Possible
'Lines of a wave I' by somebody

Part 1: Responsive Web Fonts

Richard Rutter will discuss web fonts in a responsive context. He’ll demonstrate the different techniques available for optimum loading (or not) of web fonts and talk through the options around fallback fonts and other such implications.

Part 2: The Edge of the Web

Graphic designers have long honed their craft to meet the specific constraints of television. As web designers begin to understand the true nature of our own medium, isn’t about time we did the same?

Paul Lloyd will talk about what it means to design for a medium and create designs which work to the strengths of the medium rather than highlight the weaknesses.

Update: slides online

The slides are at{: data-slides=""}.

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