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ES6/ES2015 - Fancy Pants New JavaScript

Presented by Thomas Parslow.  

@ 68 Middle St Brighton, BN1 Map of 68 Middle St
Kowloon Walled City

It's Tom Parslow again, this time talking about the new features of JavaScript known as ES2015 (previously ES6) and ES7.

JavaScript is changing! Shorter function syntax, syntax for classes, template strings, destructuring assignment and much more. I hope to show that while it is a bit more to learn it also lets you write clearer and more succinct code.

I'll show and explain lots of the new features and syntax and talk about browser support today as well as how you can use tools like Babel and polyfills to use some of the otherwise unsupported features today.

I'm going to assume that you've used JavaScript before but the talk should be useful to a range of skill levels.

Tom Parslow is a freelance polyglot developer and cake enthusiast based in Brighton. He is currently building applications with React, React Native and Flux.

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