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Managing complex UK Energy Interactions with EDA

Presented by Kev Baldwyn.  

@ Spaces Mocatta House, Trafalgar Pl, BN1 4DU, Brighton Map of Spaces
'evening energy' by Joachim Aspenlaub Blattboldt

The UK energy industry is made up of lots of parties that need to communicate information with each other. Historically the methods used have been largely file based, with EDF needing to share the data internally between many different systems for many different needs.

De-regulation, a more competitive energy market, a rising cost to serve energy and changes to industry processes has meant EDF needs to find ways to drive it's cost to serve down and stay competitive.

Event Driven Architecture is increasingly becoming the tool that EDF is choosing to manage the complexity of these energy interactions and solve these problems.

Kevin Baldwyn is a lead engineer at EDF energy and in this talk he will explain how EDF is using EDA to manage the complexity of UK Energy Interactions and describe some of the architecture, patterns, lessons learned, and why you may want to start using EDA in your applications.

You will be able to join us in-person at Spaces or online.

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