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Testing made simple

Presented by Stefan Buck.  

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Testing your changes before they make it to production is crucial to ensure high-quality and robust software. When Stefan started web development in 2006, testing was not widely adopted and rather an exception.

Due to the increasing complexity of web applications over the past 10 years, testing has become a necessary part of most developers' lives. There are plenty of different strategies and even more tools and libraries available to get you going. Balancing the different strategies is a real challenge, and has a huge impact on the developer experience as well as the quality of your product.

In this talk, Stefan will give us first-hand insights into how he approaches testing for OctoLinker to make the contributor experience as easy as possible. He will also cover how he is using the GitHub API to test Pull Request Badge End 2 End.

Stefan Buck is a Software Engineer at Brandwatch. Prior to that, he was working for companies in different industries such as agencies, automotive, and as a full-time OSS framework maintainer. He has a strong product and developer focused mindset, as well as a keen desire to create great developer experiences

The Zoom will be open from 7.30pm so please feel free to join early and have a general catch up :)

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