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Getting Intimate with D3.js

Presented by Peter Passaro.  

@ Lab for the Recently Possible 45 Gloucester Street, Brighton, BN1 4EW Map of Lab for the Recently Possible
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D3.js is fast becoming the standard tool for producing HTML5 data visualisations. It is an incredibly powerful framework that allows nearly limitless flexibility in manipulating the visual appearance and structure of a web page. However, the learning curve for using it effectively is steep.

To get you over the hill as quickly as possible, Peter Passaro will introduce you to the primary source material for ideas behind D3: Leland Wilkinson's book The Grammar of Graphics. This will give you a deeper sense of D3's design DNA, and save you from having to read a 700 page text on graphics theory to get it.

A few great tools for getting up to speed with D3 will be introduced. These will include Vega, a json based tool for describing visualisations simply for D3, Tributary a rapid prototyping environment for building D3 visualisations, as well as some of the D3 based charting frameworks that are now available.

Update: Do you want to learn D3 from scratch?

There will be a one-day workshop to learn how to build data visualisations with D3.js, on 3rd July (repeated on 25 Sept) at the Lab for the Recently Possible. For details and tickets, see

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