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Using CSS3 Transitions & Animations

Presented by Aron Carroll.  

@ The Werks 45 Church Rd, Hove, BN3 2BE Map of The Werks
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This session, led by Aron Carroll, will explore the use of CSS transitions and animations as an alternative to traditional JavaScript methods. Although animations are still just a proposed part of the CSS3 spec, enough browsers have now added support that it is worth considering them a tool for use in your projects.

The talk will cover implementation of CSS animations in both CSS and JavaScript, browser coverage, progressive enhancement for unsupported browsers and a look into current limitations of the specification. Having some knowledge of both CSS and JavaScript will be useful but should not be necessary to follow the talk.

Bring a laptop, if you want to hack along with the session.

Aron currently lives and works in Brighton as a Web Developer for a Mac software company where he builds and maintains their web applications.

Light reading

Just in case you're interested in the topic here are a few links introducing the concepts behind CSS animations:

The Short before the Feature

In what may become the start of a new trend, we're going to have a ten-minute short at the start of the evening: Dan Glegg of Angry Amoeba will be demoing "Squeenote", a presentation tool built on Node.js, Web Sockets, jQuery and HTML5.

Update: slides from the talk

...are at

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