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Creative Functional Programming

Presented by Dave Gurnell.  

@ 68 Middle St Brighton, BN1 Map of 68 Middle St
'Michael Angelo Batio at DayJams 2007' by Vicky Sedgwick

UPDATE: Slides for this talk are available here

In this talk, Dave Gurnell (@davegurnell) will discuss the design and implementation of two declarative libraries for drawing and composing music on the web. The talk will focus on the high-level design patterns, which are drawn from classical functional programming and help keep user code simple, clean, maintainable, and portable.

He will touch on how the design of these libraries relates to modern visualisation libraries such as D3.js, SVG.js, and Pablo.js, and discuss how the design patterns used can be applied to a variety of problems beyond the creative arts, including data validation, error handling, and the coordination of asynchronous processes.

He will also draw some seriously pretty pictures... and may even rock out live on stage (multiple guitar necks not guaranteed).

Dave is a full-stack web developer and a consultant and trainer at Scala consultancy Underscore. His current utility belt includes Scala and Play on the server and more Javascript libraries than you can shake a stick at on the client. He lives in Hove and likes synthesizers.


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