Brandwatch is sponsoring Async for April & May

By Premasagar Rose.   Posted on Thursday, 12th April 2012


The very lovely Brandwatch, a social analytics company from Brighton, is sponsoring the Async developer community for the months of April and May!

We recently posted about wanting to invest in our community and its activities, so our huge thanks go out to Brandwatch for blazing the trail. The timing is perfect, since Brandwatch's app falls under the scrutiny of tonight's case study of JavaScript application architecture. And for budding JavaScripters, the company have some excellent local job openings (see below).

Who is Brandwatch?

![Brandwatch Analytics](

Brandwatch crawls the internet, archiving over 50 million instances of social media data every day. Users of the service can search via a web interface for mentions of their brand or keyword, either past mentions or to track future occurrences, using a sophisticated query creation process.

The Brandwatch app includes an advanced suite of features that allows data to be chopped and sliced to provide insights, graphing, categorisation, geolocation, metadata and countless other components.

Understanding and monitoring a brand is just the start: Brandwatch also lets people engage with the communities they have identified, responding to, assigning workflow and managing social media mentions with ease.

Brandwatch is the perfect platform to make sense of the chatter about a brand online.

Jobs with Brandwatch

Brandwatch is recruiting JavaScript developers of all levels. They are interested in people with a good understanding of OO principles and the MVC pattern, with a strong grasp of JavaScript fundamentals.

TDD / BDD experience is a massive plus, as is experience of contributing to open source projects. Some commercial experience is essential for mid/senior roles, but they are interested to hear from graduates (or soon-to-be-graduates) looking for a junior role.

Apply within...

Straight from the horse's mouth

A number of the Brandwatch developer team are Async regulars, so feel free to quiz them on their experiences:

Steve Mason: @spmason /
Graham Scott: @grahamscott /
Dan Neame: @cham /
Jon Miles: @jonathanmiles
Alastair Lockie: @larister
(These are personal accounts, so may not represent the views of the company - you know the score).

The official accounts are @brandwatch /

More info


If you are interested in sponsoring a month or more of Async, please read the details and get in touch with us.

*[OO]: Object Orientated *[MVC]: Model View Controller *[TDD]: Test Driven Development *[BDD]: Behaviour Driven Development

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