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Data pipelines in client side JavaScript

Presented by Ismael Celis.  

@ 68 Middle St Brighton, BN1 Map of 68 Middle St
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Patterns like data pipelines, queuing and multiplexing are familiar to backend developers working on distributed and high-traffic systems. Projects such as Node.js or ZeroMQ make the concepts of streams, queues and pipelines first-order primitives that allow you to compose software in an organic and declarative way.

In this talk, Ismael Celis will attempt to bring together these patterns and principles and explore how they can be applied to everyday client-side JavaScript programming.

This talk should be interesting to both backend and frontend developers who want to understand the general principles and how they can be implemented in JavaScript.

Ismael Celis is a Web Developer at New Bamboo in London and a founder at Github. @ismasan

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