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@ The Skiff Ironworks, 30 Cheapside, Brighton, BN1 4GD Map of The Skiff
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And now for something a little different. This session, the content will be in your hands. Rather than having one speaker speaking on one topic, we'll be covering a range of topics chosen on the night, and leveraging the power of the mighty brains of Async to demystify, enlighten, and wax lyrical.

Inspired by the monthly Brighton ALT.NET meetup also hosted at the Skiff, we will be asking/talking/ranting about everything web related - 10 minutes per topic. The aim is to create a friendly environment for everyone to ask their "that thing you've never understood but always been too afraid to ask" type questions, plus any other topics you feel like talking about on the night. Topics such as:

  • Should I use Flow JS or TypeScript for my new app? Why?
  • I'm new to development. Where do I get started?
  • I still don't get it! What the hell does 'this' mean in Javascript?
  • How big do I let a project get before using Redux?
  • What actually is a database index anyway?
  • What VS Code plugins can you not live without?
  • Is it just me, or is React Router 4 rubbish?
  • Which Javascript unit testing framework should I use?

The format works best when there is a diverse group of people and opinions in the room, so whether you consider yourself an absolute beginner, or a seasoned pro, please do come and join!


The link for the Global Diversity CFP workshop is here; do come along and spread the word!

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