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A Night with Vue

Presented by Phil LennonDaniel Roe.  

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We'll have two talks for June's Async, giving us a comprehensive overview of Vue.js. First up, we'll have Phil Lennon with "A Brief Introduction to Vue.js".

From Phil: "I will cover the differences between React and Vue, the Vue ecosystem (for example interesting packages such as Vuetify Material Design), Vue 3 and it's impact, the choice between Vue 2 and Vue 3, and some very basic examples of use."

With that information under our belts, we'll see what Nuxt.js can bring to the table courtesy of Daniel Roe and his talk "Diving into Nuxt: Zero to Hero".

From Daniel: "We'll build a Nuxt project together from scratch. Nuxt is a progressive Vue framework meant to make web development simpler - so it'll be a whistle-stop tour of the ways you can make your life easier. We'll look at server-side rendering, bundle splitting, image optimisation, automatic route generation and more. Along the way, fire your questions at me and I'll do my best to answer them.

The talk will assume no previous Nuxt or Vue experience but I'll also be sharing tips and tricks I've garnered through SaaS and enterprise software development."

Talk starts at 7.45pm UK time, but the zoom will be open from 7.30pm so feel free to join early for a chinwag.

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