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14th Birthday Show n' Tell

Sponsored by Runway EastHuq.

@ Runway East York And Elder Works, 50 New England St, Brighton BN1 4AW Map of Runway East
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Async is fourteen years old! A decade has flown by since we last celebrated. Come ye all for an evening of lightning talks. Tell us about a project, a library, a technique, a story, or anything else to do with JavaScript and its extended family (HTML, CSS, SVG, animated GIFs) or the wider world of web.

If you would like to grab a speaking slot, please leave a comment on the meetup event including:

  • Your name
  • Your main website, if you have one
  • Where to find you on the socials
  • A sentence or two about your talk
  • Any relevant links

As always we welcome people of all backgrounds and experience levels, so whether you've got a few years under your belt, or you're just starting to look into development we'd love to have you along.

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